Volume 17 Issue 4
Notional Satellite Architecture


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From the Editor-in-Chief
The current issue is dedicated to Notational Space Architecture of Satellite Constellations. The LEO-GEO terrestrial-facing (Earth) network of satellites, more developed than its GEO lunar/ planetary counterpart, provides a resourceful opportunity for situational awareness the new U.S. Space Force Agency seems eager to exploit. Meanwhile, the less mature network of Lunar-/ Martian- centric satellite constellations under architectural development appears a promising trade-space for deep space exploration. The commonalities of the two architectures include spatial intelligence of situational awareness operations and trans-communications. Earlier JSOC issues have reviewed such telecommunications from radio wave to laser beam and photonics technologies. Data transmissions through applications of the technologies have provided the means further space exploration utilizing ground stations to inter-satellite networks of data reception. As space exploration furthers deeper to neighboring asteroids, moons and planets, newer architecturally-fit systems for telecommunications satellites will be developed because of the enlarging market of on-orbit satellite servicing. This issue presents a glimpse of today’s state of notional satellite ecosystem development and utilization.

Ronald H. Freeman, PhD
October 1, 2020


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